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SWLfSC [the Coalition] is a Community Interest Company that is a network of over 130 organisations and individuals across the South West of England. Coalition members share expertise in sustainable development, education and learning, and understand that learning, viewed broadly, is crucial to the development of a sustainable South West.

The Coalition, which was established in 2004 and has grown through the voluntary efforts of members and supportive institutions, exists to champion education for sustainable development [ESD] in the region. The glue that binds SWLfSC together is, firstly, a shared conviction that sustainable development is a priority, and that learning is the key to this; and, secondly, commonly-held values around the importance of education, the need to promote systems thinking and active citizenship, and the central importance of co-operation across interests and communities.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Any ideas or suggestions about what we might look into in the future?

At the recent AGM and Board meeting held on the 19th of July it was suggested that I ask members to let me know if they have any suggestions for future directions for the South West Learning for Sustainability Coalition.  Hence this post; if you have any ideas for what we might do in the future or any particular topics you would like to see us address in our annual programme of seminars then please do get in touch and tell us about this.  It would be helpful if your ideas are in keeping with our espoused aims and purposes.  Unless you think our purposes need to be updated, of course!  You can contact me (Elsa Lee) on swlfsc@gmail.com or Paul Vare on learning4l@aol.com with you ideas.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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Members of the Board of Directors

Paul Vare - Executive Director
Professor William Scott - Chair
Mairi Kershaw - Treasurer
Elsa Lee - Secretary
Helen Adams
Rupert Bannister
Sarah Chave
Lynn Cutler
Jo Matthews
Professor Stephen Sterling

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